New Anthology Release

This afternoon, I received my copy of From Shadows and Nightmares (Nightfall Publications), which features my short story “Moving Day.” My fellow MFA students will recognize this story from our first-year workshop. It’s been a long time coming, but some stories boil over while others stew until all the flavors congeal. “Moving Day” is the latter. It’s an oldie (a crude version was penned nearly a decade ago), but one of those stories that won’t go away.

Many times I discarded an earlier draft of “Moving Day,” but every couple years it demanded to be raised from the dead. I guess, for me, it’s the underlying philosophy of the story that makes it resonate: The sociological impact of paranoia infecting a community, whether the imagined threat is a shadow or a man. Ultimately, it is ourselves we should fear.

Of course, I ripped that off from almost every Twilight Zone ever produced, but hey, I’m just glad that “Moving Day” finally made it to print. Thanks to Nightfall Publications for putting together a great-looking anthology.