Transgress August Issue

Fellow Transgressors, the wait is over!

The August issue of Transgress Digital Magazine is now available for download, free of charge.

This month’s lineup is more electrifying than a summer concert festival:

We have fiction from authors Dale Bridges and Christina Eisert, including the start of a serial novel Lafayette Park.

Grace Hood weighs in on the media coverage of rampage violence in light of the shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin.

And Vince Darcangelo interviews true-crime historian Harold Schechter in advance of his new book, Psycho USA.

All this, plus art and a round-up of summer science books.

Get your copy now!

Transgress v1n2

Update: The second issue of Transgress drops later this weekend. This edition features fiction from Dale Bridges and Christina Eisert and nonfiction from Grace Hood and Vince Darcangelo.

This month’s topics include: would-be superheroes, historic vampires, the Aurora movie theater shooting, an interview with crime writer Harold Schechter and more.

Stay tuned.