• Whisper from the Past  Anthology, Whispers from the Past: Fright & Fear, North 2 South Press, “Privation” 2014
  •   Anthology, A Rustle of Dark Leaves: Tales from the Shadows of the Forest, Misanthrope Press, “The Dark of the Woods” 2012
  •   Black Ink Horror, Sideshow Press, “Bloodwork and Synesthesia” 2012
  •   Anthology, Frightmares, Dark Moon Books, “The Summing of Parts” 2011
  •   Anthology, From Shadows and Nightmares, Nightfall Publications, “Moving Day” 2011
  •   Anthology, Dark Things, Pill Hill Press, “Skull City” 2010
  •   Anthology, The Elements of Horror, Elements of Horror Press, “Dead Leaves Blackened” 2010
  •   Anthology, The Suspense of Loneliness, Birch Brook Press, “The Lesser Half” (originally published as “The Less of Me”) 2003
  • Nuvein Magazine, “Skin and Bonez” 2003
  • The Harrow, “The Sexual Medium” 2003
  • Short Stories Bi-Monthly, “The Star Maker’s Wife” 2003
  • A Taste for Flesh, “The Awakening” 2003
  • Nocturne Horizons, “Just Friends” 2002
  • Shadow Voices, “Neon” 2001
  • The Threshold, “All Roads” 2000
  • Chucklehound, “Keep On Keepin’ On, Sir Duke” 2000
  • Eyes, “Mercy’s Prayer” 2000
  • Happy, “Remembering How to Dance” 2000
  • The Red Raven Review, “Blind Spot” (poem) 1998
  • The Polyphon, “The Awakening: Morning’s Discontent” 1997
  • The Polyphon, “Dementia” (poem) 1997
  • The Polyphon, “Hope” (poem) 1997
  • The Polyphon, “The River” (poem) 1997
  • The Palimpsest Review, “Blind Spot” (poem) 1997





  • June 067

National Public Radio, “Banjo Billy’s Bus Tour” 2013

  • Red Set

Gravel Literary Magazine, “Four Works” January 2014

  • Antique

Revolt Daily, “Rust” photography showcase 2012

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